Free Water And Electricity For Three Months – Finance Minister.

The Finance Minister,Ken Ofori-Atta stated emphatically in the mid-year budget review to the Nation in Parliament on 23rd July,2020 that Ghanaians are to enjoy free water and electricity for another three months in the wake of mitigating the spread of the virus and supplying for the ordinary Ghanaian

The citizenry of Ghana and some specific constituencies have for some time now,in the early stages of the spread of the pandemic have been battling with water issues in their livelihood. This led the incumbent President,Prez.Nana Addo to give his three months salary to help battle the virus and provide Ghanaians with free water and electricity.

Hon.Ken Ofori-Atta,Finance Minister Delivering The Mid-Year Budget In Parliament.

The mid-year budget which was presented by the Finance Minister himself,Hon.Ken Ofori-Atta,was held in Parliament on Thursday,23rd July. The Minister made mentioned of the lives of the citizenry and the pipeline of works the government is having in place for them. He emphatically mentioned the free water and electricity by government for the next three months. Read some of his statement below as he spoke to the Speaker of Parliament about the President’s marvelous work towards the people of Ghana.

Mr. Speaker, the reason is simple. It is because we put the concerns and aspirations of the ordinary Ghanaian first. That is also why we further reduced electricity prices by half and completely provided potable water for free for everybody since March this year. And we will extend it for another 3 months. To break it down, it takes a caring government of the people, and with that, I mean, a Government of all the people, to offer cost-free water to all across the country: representing all domestic and commercial customers in Ghana for three months.

An Extract From The Minister’s Presentation.
Water Yet To Be Supplied.

On a survey I did on the supply of water by the incumbent President as stated by the Finance Minister,Hon.Ken on his presentation in Parliament,shown that,water has not been supplied in some constituencies.

Some Constituencies Are Still Battling With Shortage Of Water.

From there,i moved some meter head to inquire more about the supply of water. To my utter surprise i saw a Polytank on a truck car supplying water to a group of people along the streets. After the exhaustion of the free three month of water and electricity,Ghanaians went to their normal way of paying for their own water bill. But fortunately for once again,the incumbent President has given another free three months of water to Ghanaians but not electricity.

Ghanaians are enjoying free water for the months of August,September and October. That’s how it will be,the announcement was made by the Minister on the 23rd July,so the initiative might have started the following day or started the following month. But all the,our concern is that,the President does what he has said,which we both know he will. That’s very thoughtful of our President to put such initiative in place in these abnormal times.

But some Ghanaians are saying it’s all about politics and because Election is around the corner,that led the President to take that action. What do you also think, have you received any water in your vicinity or constituency. Laet me know what you think in the comment section below.

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