News In GHANA Just Got Better And Made Easy.

For a couple of weeks and days now, you have anticipated and patiently waited. It’s finally here and here to stay strong forever. You will never get something so comfortable and pleasing when it’s best served right at your feet. When you are just a click away from your phone to know what’s happening in the country and in the World. You are to be kept abreast on all that’s happening around you and beyond,and that’s just exactly why I’m here with my team to help.

My name is Andy Oppong Dankyi, a Freelance Journalist and a Blogger. I believe News in Ghana can be very competitive and compelling, but things made easy now. I have come to update you on all happenings in the country and beyond.

I’m A Freelance Journalist And A Blogger.

I’m here to make News in Ghana more compelling, easy to read, understand and less difficult to access in the comfort of your home or wherever you are, together with my industrious team. We will serve you with the News around the clock with the precise update and statistics just as you need.

Whatever is making the HEADLINES and wherever it’s happening,we will bring you the story. My team and i will dig and probe the seeming question about the News and deliver it to you as we keep you posted. That’s who we are, your Authentic and Trusted Online News.

Bringing The News Right At Your Doorsteps.

News, is not just what you hear, but what you see and the impact it has on your life. A piece of information can go a long way to change your life, whether it being good or bad info. Something transpires every second and a lot goes on every day, but if you’re not informed with the exquisite info and News, you will be left stranded and devoid of all happenings.

Your Online News are for the fresh perspective of updates in Ghana and world happenings. At here, we bring you the lasted update of News 24hours a day. Telling the News as it is and reporting with fearless and being informative with Politics, Current Affairs, Business, Entertainment and Sports, we cover them all here on Your Online News.

Bringing You The Best Of Stories From Our Studio.

Do you know the recent happenings of the incumbent President with his Ministers in battling out the deadly Coronavirus? Which Political Party is doing what in respect to the 2020 general Election, who is buying whose vote, and that’s why you should be concerned?

Are Ghanaians still going to vote the incumbent President in for another four tenure, or are they going to have a taste of another government? Don’t worry, I entreat you to join me and my hard working team on my online News as we bring you the latest News around the clock in 24hrs a day in respect to this year’s general Election. We are your Election Command Chairmen.

I’m Your Election Command Chairman.

We will bring you News across all social media platforms, be the first to hear of what’s going on with your favorite celebrities in the country and beyond by liking, following and subscribing to our pages and channel for more compelling News content in the country and around the world.

Like and share our Facebook Page, fellow us on Instagram, Twitter and on LinkedIn as we get interactive, let’s get social. Let’s grow strong and big together. Don’t be left out of this awesome journey. (… )

Follow Us Let’s Get Social Together.

Check out the video my production team and I put together just for you here ( Watch full video on Youtube ), don’t forget to like, share and leave your thoughts and comments below, I would love to hear from you.

We officially launch Your Online News and Andy Oppong T.V in the name of God the Father,the Son and the Holy Spirit,it’s our prayer here that our legacy will forever remain. The Vision with which our Mission is based on will not only impact into lives but save lives as well.

We Embark On Our Mission With The Set Vision.

Come partner with us let’s do business together,we will advertise your product to the world and grow your business together with you. Advertise with us here, you can give us a call or email us now.

Email Or Contact Us Let’s Do Business Together.

Don’t forget you have a voice and always remember to let that voice be heard above the masses to voice out any disclaimer you are not in support with in this country, right at the comment section below, I would love to hear from you.

Share Your Thoughts And Comments With Us,We Would Love To Hear From You.

Till I come your way with another compelling but yet impacting News,stay tuned and keep following,supporting and praying for Mother Ghana and for Your Online News, stay safe,productive and blessed.

14 Replies to “News In GHANA Just Got Better And Made Easy.”

  1. Haha… This is just the beginning of something big …
    Better days ahead .. Remember its not easy thoo but I know the sky is not the limit😉

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  2. You have done it bro. It a plus on your behalf. This is what the youth of this nation should start doing. And not unnecessary things. Bro God bless u.

    Liked by 1 person

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