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Shatta Wale Blasts to Stonebwoy’s putuu banger..

Stonebwoy is definitely the man of the moment and if there is anyone who is matching him boot for boot when it comes to boss moves then it is his biggest competitor,Shatta Wale undoubtedly.

Of all the things that has kept him on the trendlist is his Putuu song.

However,it so happens Shatta Wale aka The 1Don happens to be one who doesn’t really care much about the tight competition as he is seen in a video playing Stonebwoy’s Putuuu outloud in his speakers whilst counting some stacks of cash.

One would have thought Shatta Wale would be bitter because Stonebwoy didn’t share in his good news when the announcement of his video release date was announced but this move by the King has proved otherwise.

For a brief history, Stonebwoy’s Putuu has become so popular some have even suggested sarcastically that he might have had something on it in Benin.

The song is undoubtedly big one but this move by Shatta Wale is one we haven’t seen in a very long time and we can only hope this brotherly support continues when it’s time for Shatta to be applauded too.

For this boss move,we say a thousand paapaaapaaappa to the SMboss


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