Addi Self Congratulates Shatta Wale After Collaboration With Beyonce – Says He Is Proud Of Him.

A former member of the SM millitant, Addi Self congratulates Shatta Wale following his collaboration with Beyonce.

He opened up in an interview on Agyekwan FM in Kumasi and said that Shatta Wale is still HIs Godfather and he is proud of him.

“I am very proud of it because you know I’m his son. No matter what, I’m his son and i’m very proud of him”, he said.

Addi Self

He stated how ready he is to support Shatta Wale. He also said that the former members of the SM camp knew of the collaboration but decided to keep mute to it – and were waitig for this big day.

Shatta Wale announced some few months ago that he has fired the Militants based on their failure to work hard—and write sensible songs to make him proud.

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