Patapaa’s Father Breaks Silence On the ‘Poisoning’ Of The Son.

During the late hours of yesterday in the evening, a viral video was circulating which we found the ‘One Corner’ hitmaker lying in a sick bed.

The rumor spread was that he was poisoned and that caused him to be lying in an hospital bed as seen in the viral video.

The father of the hiplife singer,Mr. Kwesi Amoah was interviewed on Adom and opened up the actual truth.

He stated that, the son was not poisoned as it’s being said but rather he has been sick for some few weeks now. “My son is not poisoned but he has not been well for some weeks now, he even had to go to Accra but due to his situation he couldn’t”. Mr. Kwesi Amoah made this known to Adom News.

“He went to the hospital for first aid, He couldn’t even drive himself there, though there was a government hospital but he chose a small hospital instead”, the father added.

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