We Were Evacuated From Where We Used To Be To Come And Trade Here.

For some time now,anytime I’m in a car going to work and gets to the Lagoon at Jamestown in the Odododiodio Constituency,a suburb of Accra. I normally see some kind of construction going on. So one scorching Saturday,I decided to use my weekend to feed my curiosity. I rode on my bicycle to the place.

The Jamestown Lagoon.

Upon getting there,I could see quite a number of shelves,shades,tents among others that have been mounted there at the seashore. I went further ahead to serve my curiosity more.

I enquired from one of the Market women why there are a lot of construction going on here at the seashore,where early in the morning when going to work,I normally see some young people,footballers and even residents of Jamestown excising there to keep their bodies fit and active.

Some Guys Exercising At The Seashore.

She then told me the place has now been given to them trade there. They were evacuated from the Jamestown Fishing Village and were asked to come here. So that’s why all these constructions are going on.

Market Women Still Setting The Place Up.

So i then asked the expected question,”mummy,why at all did they ask you to leave?”

She responded in a sad tone,”hmm,my son,they said there’s going to be a construction of an Harbor here. So we should all come to this place.

The New Market.

I Thanked the woman and went further ahead to inquire more. Few meters to get to the end of the seashore which is now a market,I stopped in my tracks as I saw some men at work. They are constructing a wooden kiosk there. I didn’t asked anything because it said it all.

The men were constructing a new wooden kiosk for one of the traders who will be occupying there place. I think she is really making use of the land as it has been given to them now.

A Wooden Construction Going On.

As I rode back home,I kept thinking,are they going to be there forever,or there’s going to be a time were they will be asked to evacuate again?

What do you also think,are they going to occupy the place forever? Let me know what you think in the comment section below.

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