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Because We Don’t Go To School,I Can’t Learn as I Used To.

I met Nii Okine with his friends playing football one early Monday evening,between the hours of 4:30 to 5:30pm at the H.S Bannerman School in the Ablekuma South Constituency,a suburb of Accra,where he told me how he keeps track of his studies.

I Try As Much As Possible I Can To Learn.

Nii Okine is a form 2 student and a pupil of the Chemuana Basic and JHS School,he’s 15years of age. When I met him on the park playing football with his friends,I called him and asked whether I could talk to him,to which he agreed.

As we began to converse,we exchanged the mutual formalities and I quickly jumped straight to the gaping question,”how do you learn as we both know you are home because of the pandemic and paying heed to the President’s directives not to go to school?”

Chemuana JHS

“I do learn,but it’s not often as when I used to go to school,I can’t learn well as when we were going to school. But in all,I’m putting up my possible best to learn.”he told me.

He continued,”I don’t come here everyday,but the days I do come,I make sure when I get home,after bathing and finding something to eat,I learn something. The days I don’t come too,I do some house chores and learn afterwards.

Nii Okine is Telling Me What He Does When He Doesn’t Come To The Park.

Will these students that have been at home close to 5 months now be able to keep track of their studies when they go back to school,although some schools are observing the Online Studies?

Are you thinking about what I’m thinking about? Is it feasible to continue from where they would stop the online studies and go back to school after the final years finish with their exams,as the President stated in his 14th Address to the Nation on 26th July,2020?

Let’s get interactive as you tell me what you think and how you think things should have gone.


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