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Government Embarking On An Installation Of CCTV CAMERAS Nationwide.

The Akuffo Addo led adminstration,in concept with the National Security Ministry is embarking on an installation of Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Camera project Nationwide.

Installation Project By Government.

This project Is part of the Akuffo Addo led adminstration government to ensure safety of the citizenry and to battle out crime in the country.

The installation which is a nationwide project is very crucial to keep marauding criminals and traffic offenses in respect.

To Mitigate Traffic Offenders

Some drivers in town turn a deaf ear to instructions from police and a blind eye to the Traffic lights in town and they go contrary to the rule. So aside apprehending raiding criminals in the country,the Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) also checks that the citizenry comply with the traffic lights in the country

Traffic In The Country.

7,000 cameras are expected to be installed after this project by the government. Since the inception o this project,some areas have been worked on.

Tema Station Installation Completed.

Some of the areas that have received their installations are;Nima,Lapaz,Newtown,Abodwe,Tema Station,Korle Police Station and some traffic interjections. Meanwhile,other areas are yet to receive their share of the installation.

Abodwe Filing Station.

If as at now,your area hasn’t received its installation yet,no panic. Your area will have its share of the installation soon. But for the mean time,know the essence and purpose for mounting such a thing (CCTV) in the various areas.

Opposite Korle-Bu Police Station.

Ghana is still on the path of building its better country. But don’t you think the incumbent President is doing all these because election is around the corner?

Mamprobi Methodist.

Well,we hope for nothing but the best in this country,let’s be optimistic and keep our fingers crossed. Don’t forget to let me know what you also think in the comment section below.


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