Stonbwoy Apologies to Angeltown After Assaulting Him.

The boss of the BHIM nation camp has taken to his heels just to apologize to the SarkNation camp after assaulting the manager of Sarkodie.

There has been a viral video which has surfaced online and it has spread like a wild fire. In the video, Stonebwoy punched Angelo who is the manager of Sarkodie after a little misunderstanding where Stonebwoy felt he was not been treated fair.

Angelo few hours later shared a video of himself in the hospital receiving treatment.

The former has come out to apologize to the latter. The issue between the two parties has been settled amicably.

In a post by a fan of Stonebwoy, he posted and said Stonebwoy is always right and Gearge Briton replied to the post and said then why did Stonebwoy came to apologize which confirmed that stonebwoy has apologized.

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