Stonebwoy Punches Sarkodie’s Manager In The Face And Ends Him In The Hospital.

There has been soo many controversies hitting various social media as Stonebwoy puched Angeltown in the face which has ended the latter in the hospital for treatment.

Reports circulating on social media and the viral video sighted by ,Stonebwoy punched the latter in the eyes which has sent him to the hospital.

From the information gathered, Stonebwoy went the independence square for rehearsal session for Sarkodie’s Black Love project.

Stonebwoy who is the boss of the BHIM Nation was been asked to park somewhere which he didn’t like. The place he was denied to park was the same place Shatta Wale was allowed to park which he didn’t understand.

So he didn’t understand the whole move which made him to confront Sarkodie’s manager when he felt he was not treated fair.

Videos of Angeltown visiting an eye clinic in Tema popped up and has given creddence to the matter.

Even though some social media users have claimed that the incident might have been for hype, it would be difficult for such huge artistes to stoop so low to dent their reputations.

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