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I Am Now In The Okada Business Because Of The Evacuation – A Townsperson Of The Jamestown Market.

The only business that kept me going day and night was selling water in the Market,but now that they have evacuated the Market women to another place,I have to look somewhere else and do business.

I Have No Other Option Than To Turn To The Okada Business.

When I got there to report,the first person my eyes stroked was this man who was washing his Motorbike for business to go and search for some money for the day. I begged him to spare me some few minutes of his time which he did willingly.

I began to converse with him and ask him whether he has been in the Motorbike business for a long time. And that’s where I got to know he used to sell water in the area to the townspeople and the Market women also.

Jamestown Fishing Market.

He continued,”since the Market women were evacuated to where they are now,my business in selling the water has dropped drastically. I have to sought to another business that will keep me going.

So upon many shot,I vied for the Motorbike (Okada) business. That’s what i’m doing now. It hadn’t been easy with it when I joined,but i’m still managing and learning.

I Am Taking It A Step At A Time In The Motorbike Business.

When leaving the area,the only question that was running through my head was,is he good at riding the Motorbike,what if something happens? But all the same,I left there optimistic and hopeful.

Is your guess as good as mine,do you think the man vied for the right job although he needed one in a haste? Let me know your thought in the comment section below.


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