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We Are Bringing Back Development To Ablekuma South – Hon.Alfred Okoe Vanderpuije.

We are a hundred and eleven (111) days to the general election and Presidential Candidates and MPs are very heated up in their Campaigns to the upcoming election.

In the heated campaign that have started going on in some constituencies in the midst of the pandemic, the residents of Chorkor, a community in the Ablekuma South Constituency in Accra had a meeting with the aspiring MP, Honestly.Alfred Okoe Vanderpuije. The “Obiba Tsentsen” Fun Club inspired this meeting.

Obiba Tsentsen Fun Club.

The meeting with the aspiring MP commenced at exactly 4:00pm GMT as inscribed on the banner. The club members and other supporters of the party arrived in no less time. What seemed to be a hand full of people at the gathering turned out to be a lot of people.

Not long before everybody expected, the aspiring MP, Hon.Alfred Okoe Vanderpuije, arrived in his sleek black car with his entourage as they made their way through the gathering. The members and supporters summoned were jubilating and dancing to the rhythm of the song being played at the background as the aspiring MP stared delightful at them.

The Aspiring MP Seated With His Entourage.

After the usual welcoming exuberance of the members and supporters of both the club and the party, a welcoming address was made by the leader of the club to officially welcome the aspiring MP with his entourage.

One Of The Leaders Of The Club Entreating The Members To Vote Wisely.

Right after that, the aspiring MP was invited to the podium to address the gathering before him. He began by showing his unflinching appreciation to the originators of the club and the members themselves. He later urged all and sundry gathered there to register in the NDC’s club in the community so that they can register their names in the book records of the NDC party.

Register Your Name In The NDC Club In Your Community

Do not spoil your vote to other party that can’t help you. I brought the school shift system to a close which no one did in my tenure some time back. Remember we have 111 days to election and you need to vote wisely, the incumbent President, Akuffo Addo said, we are sitting on money but we are still starving. His vice, Mahamudu Bawumia also said nurses are suffering, doctors are suffering, everybody is suffering when they were in opposition, but now we are still suffering. When you give the  power to me in this coming election, I will change the street to an asphalt one. There should be a difference in this year’s election pertaining to the votes. “Let’s change the change, Keep smiling, there are better days coming”.

These Were His Words Before He Took His Seat.

The members listened as he went on, he made mentioned of the things he would do and continue when they bring him to power to which they murmured among themselves they would follow suit because the incumbent political party has made things unbearable for them.

The Members And Supporters Of The Club And Party.

As the aspiring MP was about to take his seat, he took out a bag from one of his entourage containing nose mask which he quickly distributed it out to the members.

Hon.Alfred Okoe Vanderpuije Distributed Nose Mask.

As soon as he finished with the distribution of the nose masks, he gave the members stickers as well to showcase the party on their door in the compound house.

Sticker To Showcase The Party.

When all was said and done, the aspiring MP finally took his seat. One or two things were announced and prayer was shared for a successful gathering. After which the aspiring MP thanked the originators, appreciated all and sundry for making it to the gathering. He wove to us in his sleek black car as they drove away

Hon.Alfred Okoe Vanderpuije.

As the general election is around the corner, what are your expectations to your preferred MP in your constituency. Let me know in the comment section.


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