Don’t Drink And Vote Campaign – Drunkards Association Of Ghana.

The National Drunkards Association Of Ghana (NDAG) has launched, “don’t drink and vote campaign”, amidst the upcoming general election. They have issued out a statement, debunking drinking during the election. 

When any of their members are going to vote during the election, they will see to that none of them drinks or booze off during that period. This is what the association has come out to contribute.

Drunkards Association Of Ghana.

This directive is under the auspices of their leader, Moses Onya, a.k.a “Dry Bone”, a drunkard like his members. He is going to be quarantined for 14 days, from yesterday, 17 August 2020 to 31 August 2020, before the commencement of the general election. 

In an interview with him on UTV Ghana, during their midday News segment yesterday, 17 August 2020, he disclosed this and many more to the Journalist. What he said is stated below.

The Leader Of The Association Is Going On A 14-day Quarantine.

The reason why my council of elders said I should go on a 14-day quarantine is, you know every four years when we are going to vote, the number of rejected ballot papers is even a lot that can even vote and select our President. So we had a second thought on it and arrived that our members are at the expense of the rejected ballot papers. When that happens, the country run at a huge loss. So it will be very important to reduce the reduction of the rejected ballot papers. Some of our members get to the polling centres and see a long queue, they immediately turn away to drink before coming to vote. When that happens, they vote for the wrong candidate and soil the paper with the ink, which at the end of the day will be taken out. The women in the association are the organizers, they are responsible for entreating pregnant women not to drink. The name of our campaign is “don’t drink and vote”, so I am going on quarantine to meet with the bar attendees and the stakeholders to know the way forward.

There Will Be Strategy In Place To Have The Flow Election.

After the interview, he was asked how people can join their association. No, you don’t necessarily have to be a drunkard to join our association. We have deported members, very soon we will put text messages across, so if you want to join, you just take your phone and text us to join and we will call you for a meeting, he divulged. 

He also said after the 14 days quarantine, they will officially launch the “don’t drink and vote” campaign. The anchor later thanked him and urged him to go on his quarantine and bring out the best strategy as they want.

The Women In The Association Are Responsible For Entreating Pregnant Women Not To Drink.

I part the shoulders of the leader and stakeholders of this association to embark on such a strategy. But what do you make of this strategy, is it a progressive strategy, let me know in the comment box.

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