Video: Father and Four Kids sleep beside Toilet after Being victims of the explosion.

A single parent, Okoe Adams who is a father of four children has beseeched the public and well-meaning stakeholders for assistance after his family became victims of an explosion.

Mr. Okoe Adams has been hopeless as one of his children became a victim to the explosion which occurred at La in the Greater Accra some fews days ago.

Okoe who is of age 56 stated that he together with his family have been dwelling in a structure beside a public toilet in the area for two years now.

With no support yet coming in for the father and his children including the injured one, they have been putting in an uncomfortable position by the development.

he said, “I have nothing, I’ve used all the money in my savings to take care of my child’s medical bills. Now I have nothing left. Please my fellow Ghanaians, the government come to my aid and help me take care of my child. I’m begging you,” the poor father said.

It is reported that anyone who would want to help Mr Oko Adams and his family can do so via the number +233 20 142 9329.

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