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The 8Th Town Hall Meeting And Results Fair.

The town hall meeting is an initiative of the NPP where they unveil to us their process on the promises that they made when they came to power. The last two meeting were held in January and February at Accra and Kumasi respectively. The incumbent President addressed the public for the one held in Accra and the Veep, also addressed the one held in Kumasi.

This time around, it was held at the Academy of Arts and Science in Accra yesterday. The meeting didn’t take place earlier as expected due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But now, the virus placating in its own way left to the meeting to happen yesterday under the auspices of the Vice President.

The 8th Town Hall Meeting Held Yesterday.

The government penciled this year’s theme as the “year of roads”. There are 4,500 completed roads, 62 new bridges underway in the country. The government will be upgrading the Kumasi airport to an International one.


Health is the essentials of the citizenry to keep on kicking in life, and the government has provided exactly that. The government has built 482 chips compounds with 300 fully equipped ambulances. He has also built 64 health staff whiles 30 are under construction. These are all in bid to make life easy in the country.

300 Fully Equipped Ambulances


The soul of machine, the spirit of the wander in the village. Electricity, stand tell in all. The solar farm in Gomua-Amafi generates 20 mega watts of power and feeds it into the national power grade. There are three more under construction in these towns; Lawra, Kaleo, Kurugu. In all that, it will generate 154 mega watts electric power. The government has extended electricity to over 2,700 communities of 628 communities on going.

Electricity in 2,700 Communities.

Sea Defense.

Water is indeed another source of power to life, without these seas of ours, we will have scarce of water. The government has built sea defense in Anomabo, four more sea defense in different towns around the coast with a total distance of 6,300 meters.


Without cattle, there will not be enough meat and there will certainly not be any pure milk for anyone. But for the milk to flow and the meat to be abundant, that is twice essentials to the cut of farmers in the North. Cattle now have access to water and pasture.

The Construction Of 100 Greenhouse Farm.

The government started a construction for over 500 dums in dugouts like the one in Pwalugu to hold and reserve 12 million cubic meters of water to serve over 579,000 farmers through the dry season. The construction of 100 greenhouse farm, 10 new fish landing sites to be provided to 2,300 suitable docking spots.

Construction Of Markets.

Markets are money sources where we shop, buy and sell at the Market. Without that too, all these will not take place for the ordinary Ghanaian to have an average living. The construction of 48 separate stalls/stores in the Asante Mampong are fully completed. Government is building 81 more stalls/stores for over 5,200 stalls/stores in between them in all,serving 10,000 communities.

New 48 Separate Stalls/Stores In The Asante Mampong.


In the government promised policy to the nation his presentation to be sworn in as President, he promised us, one district, one dum. Now, he has built 68 reconditioned existing factories, 59 new factories underway. Due to that, there have been 10,900 job creation for the ordinary Ghanaian. Not only that, he has also built 5 common processing factories, 36 medium scale processing factories and 58 small scale processing factories.

Water Supply.

Water is indeed necessary in our daily life, so the President has provided reservoir that takes 750,000 litres of clean water in the Adumako town and can supplied to over 3,900 households in 33 communities with over 17,000 occupants every week.

Access To Toilet.

With regards to the rural areas, you and I can bear a strong witness to the fact that, access to toilet in rural area in the country is nothing to write home about. You can pay a visit to a densely populated area and residents are defecating at an unauthorized places. On the Veep’s presentation yesterday, government has built 1,400 water closet blocks in all the 16 regions.


The youth are the future leaders of this country, the back bone of the success of the country and the strong force of a better and strong Ghana. Government has built 18 community football parks and sports complexes plus 22 more astroturf. Government has built over 1,000 classroom blocks in different schools in all the regions across the country

Empowering The Youth For Nation Building.

These among many more others are the what the Vice President unveiled yesterday. Before the Vice President climbed the podium, the senior Minister, Yaw Osarfo Marfo was the one who introduced and invited him there.

After the appreciations, the Vice President went ahead to delve into the infrastructures and the other projects they just watched on a projector.

In no few hours after the meeting and rumors began circulating on social media about the NPP trying to hit hard at election. They are paying themselves to winning the seat again by unveiling these infrastructures and projects. Is it true, what do you make of it, let me what you think in the comments box


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