The National Identification Authority Is Back In Accra For A Mop-Up.

The National Identification Authority (NIA) is back again for all people who couldn’t register in the previous registration. It’s says it is targeting some one million persons in its Ghana Card registration mop-up ongoing in the Greater Accra region to be precised.

Francis Palmdeti, Assistant Commissioner of Immigration (ACI), Head of Corporate Affairs of the National Identification Authority said that, the target of 80 per cent coverage would be achieved with the issuance of one million cards in the mop-up registration.

The exercise is now exquisitely targeting all persons who are 15 years and above who were unable to register for the first round of the mass registration.

He said the NIA had created 881 centres across the Greater Accra Region, including Accra East and West, where the first round of mass registration was done.

Mr Palmdeti said the mop-up, which started on 24th August, would last for two weeks in all. Its target period for the mop-up will last for only two weeks.

He added that the mop-up took off slowly but hopeful patronage would pick up, saying, similar exercises went successfully in some regions, including Ashanti, Volta and Oti.

The National Identification Authority Is Back For A Mop-Up.

More than expected number of people didn’t partake in the mass registration so the Authority has brought it back for all who couldn’t partake in it to do so.

Specifically speaking, it’s a good initiative for the Authority to come back for all who didn’t register. What do you also think, have you registered already, let me know in the comment box.

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