Shatta Wale Drops New Banger Titled ‘Kumerica’ ; Viral Kumerica Boys Jam To The Song

In the video sighted, Shatta Wale was seen jamming to the song he had produced and sang along as he cruised around town. The dancehall star was seen in his freshly-bought BMW car as he sang the ‘Kumerica’ anthem and also went on to flaunt his expensive Rolex watch.

The Already singer was seen wearing some shades and had on some sort of bandana with his usual stylish hairstyle.

Watch Video Below:

In the video, there was a transition to a room where a group of boys believed to be the ones who started the Kumerica trend, were seen jamming to Shatta Wale’s new tune.

The boys who were super excited to get into the books of one of Ghana’s most influential entertainers, were seen shouting “Kumerica” while jumping up and down to the song.

The hyped Kumericans could not help but exhibit their pride and also gave some massive shoutouts to Shatta Wale as they screamed his popular ‘paah’ signature.

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