The Government Of Nigeria Has Accused Ghana For Harassing Its Citizens.

The Federal Government of Nigeria has levelled some accusations against Ghana. This is a result that, their citizens living in the country are being treated unfairly.

In a statement signed by its Minister for Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, they said its people in the country have for some time now been subjected to several means of harassment and public ridicule in the country.

Nigeria has time after time demonstrated its fidelity to the long cordial relations it has with the country, Ghana.
But in recent times, especially in these times of COVID 19, the lives of Nigerians in the country is now being taken for granted,” the statement said.

It is after this that the Nigerian Government maintained that, they will no longer condone the said behaviour levelled against its citizens in the country, Ghana.

Nigerian businesses in Ghana continue to face predicaments as they are being targeted by the Ghanaian counterparts in Accra and Kumasi. Not long ago, members of the Ghana Union of Traders Association (GUTA) have forcibly and with clinched teeth shut down all Nigerian-owned retail shops in Kumasi and Accra” they stated.

Other part of the documents suggest that the Federal Government of Nigeria has been documenting reports of antagonism towards Nigeria and Nigerians by Ghanaian authorities.

They further came to the knowledge that, they as Nigerians, have done nothing to tarnish the image relationship between the two countries.

The document stated that the Nigerian Government is critically considering a number of options to what they described as “incessant harassment” and “progressive acts of hostility” against its citizens.

Meanwhile, they urge all resident Nigerians in Ghana to “remain law-abiding and avoiding engaging in self-help, despite their ordeal”

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