All You Need to Know about The Kumerica Movement

More revelations on how the ‘Kumerica Movement’ started have been shared.

In this interview with ZionFelix on the ‘Uncut’ Show, David Adjei Frimpong, otherwise known as David Germain Portfolio, who claims to be the Public Relations Officer (PRO) for the Kumerica Movement threw more light on how it started.

David explained the Kumerica lifestyle and culture was seated in Kumasi for a long time but it appears many people outside the city were not aware.

He revealed the Kumerica movement was started by a group of young musicians known as ‘Akatafo)’ with their ‘Asakaa’ song.

The Kumerica PRO averred the moment has now gained international recognition and it is here to stay.

He indicated that Kumerica is not just a movement, they have cultural and other representatives who liaisons between them and the Manhyia Palace.

David Adjei Frimpong stated that the whole thing is integrated into lifestyle, cultural, creative arts, business and more—which goes beyond the social media frenzy.

Watch the full interview below.

He believes the movement became popular now because of its link with the creative art sector.

The Kumerica PRO further stated that this will help them to restore or reclaim the loss of glory of Kumasi.

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