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Nigeria Doctors Have Embarked On Strike Over Coronavirus Allowance.

Doctors in Nigeria’s capital Abuja are on an “indefinite strike” due to non-payment of a special coronavirus allowance to them, local media reported.

The Association of Resident Doctors (NARD), announced the decision following a meeting held on Saturday, according to a news portal in the country, the Premium Times news website.

“The association had embarked on a strike which took effect from 8 am, 1st September 2020 until the payment of the COVID-19 hazard and inducement allowance is received,” their statement said.

Hazard pay or inducement allowance is paid to employees (Doctors) to encourage them to work on a particular project, especially under dangerous conditions. Health care workers are constantly at risk of exposure to the novel virus.

Roland Aigbovo, head of the group’s Abuja chapter, said: “We have not received any hazard allowance since April and that is one of the major reasons we are embarking on a strike.”

Their members have been suffering financial distress, he said, adding that despite repeated ultimatum and warnings, authorities have done nothing about it to help them.

In June, doctors called off a week-long strike over welfare and inadequate protective equipment.

The group said that the decision, after assurance from officials, was to give them time to fulfill the outstanding demands.

Strikes by medics are common in the country – Africa’s most populous – where the health sector has been underfunded for years.

Since March, Nigerian health authorities have confirmed 54,008 COVID-19 infections, including 1,013 virus-linked deaths.

What do you make of this strike from the Nigerian Doctors, let me know what you think in the comment box.


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