The People’s Manifesto Was Launched Yesterday

The biggest opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) has launched its 2020 manifesto to the upcoming poll. The program which was held yesterday at the UPSA auditorium crammed the party members in it yet observing all the safety protocols put in place to mitigate the virus.

The manifesto was Dubbed, the ‘People’s Manifesto : Jobs, Prosperity and more’, the latest document is expected to address all “the felt needs of the people” in the country when they come to power. They seek to bring back a government that carter for all, but not some people.

In an earlier communiqué, the Campaign Spokesperson for the NDC, James Agyenim-Boateng said the manifesto will “represent the vision and programmes of the John Mahama-Naana Jane Opoku-Agyemang ticket for the 2020 elections.”

The National Democratic Congress is doing everything in their power to gain the seat following the 2020 general election, they presented their manifesto to the people of Ghana and are as follows.

Legalizing Okada In The Country.

In the laws of Ghana, the use of motorcycle is frowned upon. But yet still, people make ends meet from that since it’s their business. Moving forward, the Former President in his address states that, when Ghanaians give him the power, he will legalize the Okada business in the country to benefit all.

The GHC10 Billion Big Push

This is all about creating jobs and providing for the ordinary Ghanaian. The NDC is pledging a $10 billion for Ghana’s infrastructure, health and education sector which will provide jobs for Ghanaians.

Pay All Assembly Members If Voted To Power.

The Assemblymen are the direct contact to the people in the community and they are not being paid. The former President in his manifesto stated that, when Ghanaians vote him into office, he is going to pay all Assembly men in the country.

I Will Reduce Tertiary Fees By 50%.

As the manifesto is all about the people, H.E Mahama stated that, when Ghanaians vote him into office coming December 7th, he will reduce University fees by 50%. He will pay 50% so that their parents can also pay the remaining 50%.

Extension Of Maternity Leave To Four Months.

As the People’s Manifesto is for the youth, women is no exemption at from it. The former President thought of them too as the running mate is even a woman. The maternity leave has will be extended by one more month if the people of Ghana, vote the NDC to power again.

These among a lot of different policies that the NDC has planned to bring to fruition when voted to power. Do you still stand by your choice of voting for them or have you change from a political party to the NDC, let me know in the comment box below.

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