Boris Johnson Clampdown Could See Sport Lose £1 Billion.

England’s major sports are contemplating a £1billion black hole that could force many clubs out of business after the Government’s new restrictions left plans for the return of fans in disarray.

Rising levels of Covid-19 infection have led to a clampdown from Boris Johnson England Prime Minister, which new Government restrictions have left plans for the return of fans in tatters.

Boris Johnson has announced a ‘review’ of plans to re-open stadiums for sport fans in October, which will be limited to 1,000 people in the stadium.

Government’s review into spectator numbers came just hours after Premier League chief executive Richard Masters had warned that it was ‘absolutely critical’ for fans to return as soon as possible, forecasting losses of £700million across the 20 top-flight clubs if they remain locked out all season.

The Premier League clubs will not hit bad cous of their wealthy owners and a £3billion annual television contract, which should remain intact if games are played behind closed doors, the Football League Division, where the financial impact of an entire season without paying supporters has been estimated at £200m lost would be felt.

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