21 Dead On Accra Kumasi Road As A Result Of A Gory Accident.

Bad news for Ghana this morning. Just in, an accident just took place at Accra to kumasi road, the accident accurs this dawn and I’m the eyes withnes.

There was a terrible accident this dawn and has almost claim the live of living soul.

The two VIP with over 100 passengers heading towards accra lost their balance causing many injuries and death to many passengers.

According to reports, the VIP bus got it tyre burst and loosed control. There was an STC bus right behind the VIP bus which got a quick alert and drove off the road. A kia trailer which was flowing the STC bus missed the alert and couldn’t dodge so drove in the driver side of the VIP bus. Leaving all those passengers on that side dead.

The Kia trailer ran away after the incident.

As at now abulance are already there packing passengers which are not part of us now. Many are injured and has been transported to near by hospital for treatment. Am deeply sorry for deceased families. Since we are approaching this elections, all drivers and passengers should be careful in times like this. The accident happened at Teacher Mante.


What is this world turning into. In every year during year several accident happens which we don’t understand. We pray the Almighty God will help us. I praying to God to save their soul. This is very very sad.

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