Member Of The AMG Business, Okese 1 Spends A Whopping Of 42,000 On D-Black

Burgeoning Ghanaian rapper Okese1 has blown money fast in just one night during a small get-together he had with some friends at a night club.

The whole bill he racked up even before the night had come to an end was GHC42,980 which was just GHC20 short of GHC43,000 at a popular nightclub Oasis, which is owned by popular Ghanaian rapper, D-Black.

In a photo that is fast going viral on social media and attracting a lot of comments, Okese1 is said to have bought some bottles of drinks at a whopping sum.

Okese1 is believed to have ordered 23 bottles of a very expensive champagne, 7 bottles of exotic drink, Aces of Spades and some bottles of mineral water.

It is reported that the rapper went to patronise D-Black’s nightclub with some friends and they ended up racking up a bill which can be compared to someone’s entire life’s savings. The receipt was captured on camera and it has since been spreading like wildfire across all social media platforms.

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