Western Togoland Strike Again With Four Police Held In Hostage

Western Togoland at it again, reports have it that they’ve blocked the Accra-Ho highway at Juapong. Burnt tyres and chanting war songs.

Over 10 vehicles from Ho have been blocked included are two Police Patrol Team Pick-ups. The Homeland Study Group Foundation has been battling for independence for quiet some time now and though some of them have been arrested sometime ago but they refused to give up. The group is led by Papavi Hogbedetor, a retired worker and senior civilian.

The members claim that they have been denied development for a very long time now and this is the time for them to be free and develop their “country” through independence and they also said that they’re doing that because the leadership of the country refused to grant them what they deserve, this is the surest way of getting the attention of the leaders. They earlier on petitioned the United Nations to intervene but nothing came out of it.

History has it that in 1956, there was a plebiscite in which majority of the then Trans Volta Togoland, voted to join the then Gold Coast now Ghana. They said that in the next 50years, they can separate from Ghana if they so wish but the time has elapsed since 2006 but this group seems to be resurrecting that particular issue.

Thousand of travellers are stranded on the major entry points of the Volta Region. The members of the group have also arrested three police officers into their custody claiming that the police were shooting at them, and that’s why they also arrested and injured the three.

Meanwhile, the Volta Regional Minister, Dr. Archibald Letsa, told joyfm, calm will be restored in the next couple of hours. He said they are safe from the activities of the group as well as the rest of Voltarians.

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