We Are The National Ambassadors – Ghanaian Youth.

Every Youth of every country is the great future leader of that country, and that’s exactly who we are. We are the National Ambassadors of the country and we are the future leaders of this great country of ours.

We stand tall in everything we do because we build our homeland (Ghana) together. We are the ones that will grow up to become the Presidents, Veeps, Speakers of Parliament, Chiefs of Staff, Ministers among others. Watch full video here.

Let’s come to together as youth of this country and as one people to impact into our fellow youth to build a developed country. Yes, we can. The road might be rough, but I can I assure we will surely get there.

We are the strong holds and the backbone of our country and together, we will make her proud. We are the National Ambassadors of this incredible country, we are all on a mission to give the youth an opportunity and a voice to change their perception across the country and the world at large.

We are here to make a change. What are your passion and how can you volunteer to affect lives with it. Do you know the constitution and its Acts?

As the vibrant youth ambassador of the 1992 constitution of this great country, I feel the 1992 constitution that is used to govern this country has lost its importance in the lives of the youth. But on a foresight, that is exactly what the youth need with other things to become the National Ambassadors that we are moulding them into.

Arise Ghana Youth for your country, the Nation Demands your Devotion. We need the help the hard work of the youth to build the better Ghana for our forefathers. The test all will unite us together.

So all strong and vibrant youth of Ghana, arise, arise and rise up, because we are all involve in shaping our country to a developed and better one.

God bless us all and endow us with the strength to embark on this great mission. God bless you, bless our homeland Ghana and make her great and strong.

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