NAM 1 Will Pay All MenzGold Customers When I come Back To Power – Mahama.

It’s almost a half a decade now when NAM 1, a young man from Ghana under no proper registration set out to make an investment business in the country.

The more money you invest in, the more money you get form the company. So this made many people turn to the investment business, especially the celebrities.

Many people kept and invested in their huge sum of money at the company under the knowledge that, they will get back their money in a bigger and larger quantity.

After a year or so, it came out and went viral that, the investment business is fake and NAM 1 had also ran away with their money. All kinds of demonstrations that took place proved futile and some up till now have still gotten hold of their huge sum of money they invested in.

But there is a good news now, the biggest political party in opposition has promised customers that, they should vote him into power for him to get them back their money.

Well, that is, MenzGold customers will get those long earn money back if they only get Ex.President Mahama back to power.

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