The Wife Of Murdered MP Has Filed Her Nomination To Contest Election.

It been a fortnight and some few days since the gruesome murder of the Mfantseman MP transpired in the constituency. The Incumbent political party MP for the Mfantseman constituency was coming back from a campaign they had a day before with his people when some unknown gunmen stopped them on the way.

The gunmen stopped them on the way and asked them to come out of their vehicles as they pointed a gun at them. They made the scene look like a robbery attack. But as one of them pointed a gun at the MP, in hesitation, the MP asked him if he knew who he was. And from there, the gunman began saying “they are the ones in power that squander all money and do not even give the youth in the constituency jobs.

In what seem to be protest from the MP, the gunman without a word shoot the MP. News about his killing went viral, and he was buried not long ago. But someone has to step into his shoes and lead the people of Mfantseman.

The party committee of the constituency says his wife should step in and lead her people. So, Mrs Ophelia Hayford has filed her nomination and will be running head to head with her competitors from the various political parties in the constituency come December 7th.

What do you think, do you think it’s appropriate for Mrs.Ophelia Hayford to step in as the new MP, and even if she should, can she lead the people of Mfantseman? Well, I am not against she becoming the MP, I am just voicing out my thought, let me also know yours in the comment box.

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