Amnesty International Concerned About “Escalating Violence” In Nigeria Currently.

Amnesty International is an organization that seek to protect people, especially children from being maltreated, violent act, callous act among a host of others.

They have heard the cry and plights of the Nigerians as they sweat it out with the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) in their country which begun a fortnight from now and still happening.

The organization urges the country to be at peace and allow protesters prevail peacefully. Not all things should be tackled with violence and killing.

Robert Akoto Amoafo, the organization’s Director later urged those in power to abolish such acts and live happy in the country as they all ought to.

The government agreed to disband the unit, but protests have since snowballed into calls for wider reforms with protesters now also using the hashtags #EndBadGovernance, #BetterNigeria and #FixNigeriaNow to build support on social media.

There was an increased military presence in Abuja on Monday – a day after Defence Minister Bashir Magashi warned protesters against “breaching national security”.

“We again call on law enforcement agencies to investigate these incidents and protect the protesters from further attack by hoodlums,” Amnesty added.

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