COCOBOD Reveals Cocoa Pension Scheme Ready To Be Launched.

One of Ghana’s proud product that even deals in export to other countries has brought smiles to its workers. Cocoa was brought to Ghana by Tete Kwashie some decades back.

The COCOBOD, a board that manages and regulates the cocoa business in Ghana has brought good news to its employees. They will be launching their pension scheme very soon.

In a press conference held yesterday, the Chief Executive Officer of COCOBOD, Mr. Joseph Boahin Aidoo said a lot about the pension scheme. The process they have made so and the way forward with it now. This is what he said.

With regards to the COCOBOD pension scheme, we are done with absolute everything. What we are all waiting for is the President of the Republic to regulate it. The regulation will be done by the National Pensions Regulatory Authority. Hopefully, we will unveil the scheme by the close of the year.

Employees are quite happy with the good news at hand. Mr Joseph Boahin Aidoo, the CEO gave a word of caution and advised all of the workers.

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