Four Person Confirmed Dead At Awoshie.

In the early morning of the day, around 8:10 am today. A track has hit down four men at the Anyaa Market. The track was from the traffic light and a motorist was also applying the U-turn road around the traffic when they both got confused and the accident occurred.

In an interview with one of the eye witnesses at the scene, she narrated to me that, there were 3 cars on the badly injured man. They made provision and called the police after a long response. Four persons have reportedly died in a ghastly accident that occurred at Awohsie, a suburb of Accra.

When they finally got the police also, it took a while before the police got there and when they arrived, they also had to perform some first aid on the man but proved futile. Eyewitness reports suggest that the accident occurred in the early hours of Thursday, October 22, 2020, near the Odorgonor School.

Before they could finish the first aid process, the 4 men had passed away. The men died and three people were injured as they conveyed them to the hospital. This accident will add up to the growing spate of carnages on the country’s roads barely three months to the end of the year.

“The second eye witness said they still don’t know who the deceased men are, they might be indigenes of the community or not”, uttered the eye witness.

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