Visually Impaired People Demand White Canes, Or Else, They Won’t Vote Come December 7th.

One of the biggest things that no one wishes to experience is blindness, to go visually impaired. And the most difficult and painful part of it all is to have no stick or a helping hand to go with.

The visually impaired people in Ghana have voiced out their concern and says that, they won’t vote this year if they are not supplied with “white canes”.

As you can bore witness to, you can’t barely walk about freely if you cant see without the help of anyone or the use a stick. You are either helped by someone or use a stick that will help you walk about quite freely without any hesitation.

When the visually impaired people are given the White canes, in a way it will help them get to their polling stations and also encourage them to vote.

A question running through my head is, were these visually impaired people not having their own White canes or some sort of sticks that help them around, and were only waiting to be provided one before they vote?

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