Why Van De Beek Don’t Start For Manchester United?

Manchester United splashed £40m on Donny van de Beek in the summer from Ajax and has impressed when on the pitch but fans are not happy at the lack of playing time he has received so far

Barcelona and Real Madrid were just two clubs desperate for his signature but United got one over their European rivals.

A relative snippet at £40m for a player with proven Champions League pedigree uplifted the fans for a while.But his continued absence from the starting line-up has eroded that joy.

The midfielder has yet to start a Premier League game this season, a decision that baffles people – especially considering the shoddy form the Red Devils have exhibited at times.

Over the summer, he left Holland and moved to Manchester in the midst of a pandemic, one that is hitting the north particularly harder than other regions.

It would be fair to assume that the young man needs some time to get settled into a new environment – and that the added pressure of Premier League fixtures would only exacerbate that period.

And that is another problem – the aura around United is hardly positive, expecting Van de Beek to make an immediate impact will added unwanted stress.

This is set to be a season like no other for every club in the Premier League, a condensed list of fixtures that will no doubt be full of freak results and hazardous injuries.

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