Are you lost, downcast and being manipulated by the enemy and don’t know what to do and where to turn to?

Are you still engulfed in the thought of act about the thing you did against the will of God although you knew it was against His will? But you still went ahead to do it.

Don’t worry, I got your back. Guess what, Jesus, the Savior Swollen Sunday is around the corner and I bet you don’t want to miss it. Come lay down all your burdens to God and cry onto Him and I promise you will never leave the same.

As it states categorically in John 3:16, He loved us, still loves us and will forever love us. No matter what you have done or gone through, He can still save you. Come to Jesus.

Preaching on that day is our own father and Bishop, Bishop Hamish Oddoye. Come and receive the unflinching word of God and be saved. You just don’t want to miss it at all.

It’s happening live at the QFC, the light of the world Cathedral, Korle Gonno, on the 29th November, 2020. Time is 8:00am prompt. When coming don’t forget to come along with your three members for them to be inspired and be blessed also. And God will bless you.


When coming, don’t forget to come along with your nose mask, your personal alcohol base hand sanitizer, if you have. As usual, we will provide water and soap at the gate for you to wash your hands before you make your way into the cathedral. See you there!!!


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