The Electoral Commission Justifies Its Online Publication Of The 2020 Voters Register.

The Electoral Commission (EC), who is an independent body in the country responsible for all Election has justified its decision to publish the voters register online come December 7.

This is due to the reactions from the general public as concerns were raised particularly about the dangers and predicaments posed of exposing the personal details of registered voters online, which could easily be seen by others or all the citizenry.

Retaliating to this dangers, Chairperson of the Electoral Commission, Mrs Jean Mensa says she will go ahead to publish the voter register online as already stated categorically, because it’s legally lawful.

She later added that, certain details of the voter, such as, the images of voters will be omitted online.

Mrs Jean Mensa thrashed all allegations that the EC is in support with incumbent government to rig the election in its favour.

She also said she has met with President, H.S Nana Akufo-Addo twice in her official office as Chairperson of the EC, adding that the structures in place make it impossible for the Commission to rig the election.

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