Say No To Electoral And Political Related Violence.

Hello guys, in today’s episode, we are going to delve into Electoral and Political Violence in our country at every Election period. It’s a very intriguing topic related to this year’s general election slated December 7. The topic is Say no to Electoral and political violence. Without wasting much time, let’s cut to the chase and delve straight into it.

Political violence simple means engaging in violent acts in the country due to political reasons, especially during elections.

Stand Fro Peace.

Most of Ghana’s youth are lured by some high profile politicians to engage in violent acts especially during elections just because they want to capture political power. Some politicians go to the extreme by forming vigilante groups.

However, Ghana’s parliament passed a law in 2019 to disband all vigilante groups in the country, that is, THE VIGILANTISM AND RELATED OFFENCES ACT, 2019 (Act 999). Nevertheless, some political parties still incite the youth to engage in such violent and illegal acts.

It is cynical to note that politicians who incite the youth to engage in such acts usually fly their family and children out of the country when it is time for election. They incite other people’s children to engage in violence but they don’t do same to their children.

The fact is that they take the youth for granted. All they do is to give the youth some small cash for them to risk their lives just to enrich themselves.

With this, I urge all Ghanaian youth to stand for peace during the upcoming election, slated December 7. We are one people. We have no where to go when there’s chaos in our country. We shouldn’t fight ourselves because of politics. We should come team up to ensure a peaceful and sound elections. ONE GHANA, ONE PEOPLE

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