“I have never disputed the adage that goes, ‘there is always light at the end of every tunnel.’ I know I am a star, an African star to be precise. A star to shine across the whole world and bring light to the world through my music career,” these are the words of Dee Bwoy.

Dee Bwoy

Dee Bwoy, born Daniel Nana Yaw Fosu is a vibrant upcoming highlife artiste who is eager to add up to the success of Ghana music in the country. Dee Bwoy is a talented artiste who does authentic highlife genre we know already, and not the one with the blend of R&B. He is a bold young man in his middle 20s, he was born and bred in Jacobu, in the Ashanti Region, but currently lives in Accra.

Daniel Yaw Fosu

He is currently at the Ghana Institute of Journalism pursuing Diploma in Communication Studies. Mr. Daniel Fosu, popularly called by his stage name, Dee Bwoy has an enormous passion to do music and started off his music career 3 years ago, but prior to that, he used to sing at church when was 16 years.

African Star

He currently has only one song out with a video which can be found on all digital platforms including Audiomack. But he is also working around the clock with his team to release another single very soon for his fans, he really admires and look up to his own manager who is Quophi Okyeame, Dada K.D, Lumba and the late Daasebre Gyamena.

Watch his latest single here.

Watch Dee Bwoy’s full latest single here. Just see the vibe i have been talking about all this while. Support him by subscribing, commenting and liking to this music video.

You can follow Dee Bwoy on all social media platform; on Facebook @Dee Bwoy, Twitter @officialdeebwoy and on IG@ officialdeebwoy for more update on his music career and for more of him, I can assure you won’t regret doing that. Remember to join him and to support him to reach the top together, support a brother with a great talent.

Instagram link: https://www.instagram.com/officialdeebwoy/

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