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Money, more money, lots of money, we say is the root of all evil. Money has been of great benefit to humanity, in spite of the positive impact of money on our lives, it has also posed a grave danger to us, especially to the youth of today.
Money can be gained either genuinely or illegally but I will strongly go in for the genuine ways of making money. The youth of today are in a haste and have an unrestrained desire to amass wealth in a fast way. Due to their strong desire to make fast money, they tend to engage in all forms of illegal acts which go against the laws of the constitution of the country and infringes on other people’s rights.

Young boys of today filled with filthy desire to make money as fast as they can.

Scamming and money rituals has been the major sources of money for most of the youth of today. There is an emphatically biblical saying which goes like, “what shall it profit a man if he gains all the riches of this world and loses his life?”. With reference to this saying, I vehemently put forward a question to you, my dear brethren, what will be your fate when you crave for money and after you make your way out by getting all the selfish money that you desire. you loose your life?
You will enter a modern “café” today where you expect to see young guys researching, learning, getting more information on an assignment and you will rather receive the shock of your life to see teen boys using the computer to engage in all forms of fraudulent and deceptive acts in their quest for fast money which has become the order of the day. Some fail to go to school and rather choose to spend all their time at the “café” with their parents’ hard earned monies given to them for their education all in the name of making money as young as they are.

Scamming has become the order of the day for young boys of today.

Today, money rituals has been peculiar among the youth of this 21st century. They go to “Juju men” due to their quest for money. Juju men as we all know are intelligent swindlers who take valuable assets from people who come to them for riches. Some even go to the extent of asking for human heads. Lets take the Kasoa case for instance, two teenage boys murdering an eleven year old boy all in the name of making quick money. This young boy we are talking about was very innocent, and according to his school mates, he was a lovely little boy, benevolent and had nothing bad against people around him. This same young boy would have completed school with you or with someone you might or might not know. He could become the few few to change our country, but where is he now; dead. What is going on in our world today? Money, money, money is all we know, money has ruined our conscience and sympathy for humanity. It has led us astray and has also led us to doing things which we know will go contrary to the laws of our society.

Today, any young boy in search of money quickly will do anything to get this.

My fellow friends, wanting to make quick money is not the best but making money genuinely is the right thing. Let’s all come together to rid the society of its bastardized socio-cultural values. All perpetrators of these evil crimes such as money rituals, corruption among a host of them must be brought to book. Persistent effort, hard work and discipline are what we have to nurture in order to make it in life. Life is all about taking calculated risks and working smarter towards it. Hard work really pays.


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