Galamsey or illegal mining has become the order of the day in the lives most of Ghanaians which enable them to put food in their mouths and clothes on the backs. It has been a great problem the country has ever faced over the past few years and our authorities are doing everything to put a stop to this act which has become a thorn in the flesh of the country. Due to the selfish desire for treasures, people degrade the land, cut down trees and contaminate water bodies. Eastern region in particularly, is the site of operation of these illegal miners.

Our water bodies have changed color, our trees have loss shape and our lands have been subjected to erosion due to unlawful mining activities. Warnings have been given to the perpetrators of the so called galamsey yet they have turned deaf ears to these warnings and still engage in this illegal act. These galamseyers are very smart that they escape when the security personnel of the country storm these mining areas to to call them to order.
Some politicians and chiefs are regarded as the masterminds behind these illegal acts because they give out excavators for executing such acts.

The President of the Republic of Ghana.

According to President Akuffo-Addo, the burning of machine (excavators) used for the pollution of water bodies and forest reserves will not cease till the criminal acts are halted. He made this known when he was commissioning the construction of the law village that is yet to be built. He has therefore given his consent about the burning of excavators found at mining sites and indicates that it should continue so as to provide a lasting solution to this challenge. I also suggest that job opportunities be provided for these illegal miners so that they desist from galamsey to make ends meet.

I think unemployment has forced people to indulge in such acts just to cater for their families. An idle man has no option but to do anything for the money. High personalities in government who take part in this galamsey act must be arrested, exposed and dealt with by the laws of the state because no one is above the law, because they duty bearers and they are the ones to garner support for the President to halt this act. I think this will serve as a deterrent to others and end this whole brouhaha.

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