Suicide has become a peculiar act among the youth today. Talking about suicide, it is the act or an instance of taking one’s own life voluntarily or intentionally. People may take their own life due to sufferings, hardship, failure, and distress among others which take a toll on their lives. Children have also been victims of this particular act and Ghana is no exception. Ghana has recorded a number of suicidal cases over the years which is very abysmal and a threat to the development of our country. Individuals commit suicide because they think death is the final solution to whatever problem only God knows they facing.

Let’s take into consideration Leticia Kyere Pinamang, a 16 year old final year student of Miracle Senior High School in Sunyani who hanged herself in the school’s dining hall because she felt that there was no reason to live in this world. Per the reports of some tv stations, she left a suicide note saying, “there’s too much sorrow in my heart”. As at now, it is not clear what and who really led Leticia to take such a step but social media users point it out that a broken heart could have caused her to indulge in that act even though her parents are claiming that she was murdered by someone in the pretext of suicide. Living this world at a tender age is very sorrowful and a sad story to hear of.

In all, suicide is a great destruction of life and taking your life won’t do you any good because your life is very precious and you were brought into this world for a specific purpose which must be fulfilled and never denied, could Leticia be able to accomplish hers, who will continue and complete her cherished dreams for her? When you commit suicide, how can this task be completed?

The late Leticia Kyere Pinamang.

So far as you live, problems and challenges will come your way but staying strong and casting all your burden and anxieties on God is the right path to take because no situation is permanent and bigger than God. Committing suicide goes contrary to the religious principles of our society and this act cannot provide solutions to your predicaments but enduring suffering is the best way to go because in due time the Lord’s glory will be manifested into your life. God is the only one who gives life and takes as well, so when the right time comes you will be called by the maker, never attempt taking your life because you did not create it with your own might and have no idea of doing such a miraculous thing.

The churches, media, other humanitarian institutions and all duty bearers have to participate actively in this current situation and take a lesson from it as a deterrent to admonish other young ones. What they ought to do is to be making people aware of the essence of their lives and why they shouldn’t commit suicide, because, they have a lot to accomplish and when they die, all that will shutter away like a dark smoke.

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