An unexpected issue that went viral and circulated all over the country is the Rastafarian Achimota school dreadlock saga. The issue actually got Ghanaians talking and took it to social media. It went as far as sending the case to court, but all what the Rastafarians did to get their wards into the school proved futile.

But now, not long ago, the case has now been brought to a standstill following the problems surrounding the admission of the two Rastafarian students named; Tyrone Marhguy and Oheneba Nkrabea, who were denied admission into the Achimota school due to the state of their hair(dreadlocks). These two students are very ingenious and secured good grades in the Basic Education Certificate Examination (B.E.C.E) conducted for final year JHS students. This proves that, they are indeed qualified for such a great school of their choice; Achimota Senior High School.

Tyrone and Oheneba were denied admission into the school because they were dreadlocked and as a result of that, the school insisted that they cut off the dread before they would be admitted as students into the school. Upon this coming to the notice of Tyrone Marhguy and Oheneba Nkrabea’s parents, a plea was sent to the Achimota school so that these students would be granted admission into the school but all their strategic efforts were futile and yielded no results. To provide amicable solution to this problem, the intervention of the court was sought by Tyrone and Oheneba’s parents.

On 31st May, 2021 the court passed its judgement on the Rastafarian-Achimota school dreadlock saga after deliberating on the arguments put forward by the lawyers of both parties. The courts ruling went in favor of the two Rastafarian students which automatically demonstrates that Tyrone and Oheneba are fully granted admission into the school of their choice to join their colleagues in the learning process and also continue their journey of success. The families of these students seem to be very excited at the outcome of the case and they indicate that their expectations were met so far as the education of Tyrone and Oheneba is concerned.

Everyone is entitled to enjoy his or her rights and education is no exception. Irrespective of the nature and religion of Tyrone and Oheneba,  they also have the right and liberty to study in any school of their choices and it cannot be taken away from them, not at all.

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