His Excellency, the President of the Republic of Ghana, Pres. Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo-Addo on Monday, 7th June 2021, has commissioned a new office complex for the Ministry of National Security. The building is named after one of its most smart and hardworking leaders, who just passed away, the late National Security Co-Ordinator, Joshua Kyeremeh, who died so tragically early whilst in office, and was laid to rest just a few days ago.

H.E Nana Addo

Speaking at the ceremony, the President expressed his delight about the National Security’s decision to name the building after the late National Security Co-Ordinator, Joshua Kyeremeh and he also launched the National Security Strategy, the first such document produced in our nation’s history.

The President endorsing the building.

The Strategy underlines the many unique characteristics of the countless risks and threats confronting our nation, within the context of an evolving modern world, and proposes new and innovative ways to deal with the numerous, emerging security challenges. It is further geared towards strengthening State response to current and future threats, whilst enhancing our prevention, protection and response capabilities in the country and the world at large.

The National Security building was names after the late Mr. Joshua Kyeremeh.

Stressing on the essence of the National Security Strategy, the President patiently explained that, the document necessary for the existence of Ghana’s National Security architecture, adding that the overarching vision of the National Security Strategy is to be maintained and work towards to building Ghana as an open, tolerant, socially cohesive, peace-loving, people-centered, secure, united and prosperous constitutional democracy that upholds the rule of law in the country.

The bereaved family made it to the ceremony.

The integral part of the National Security Council which oversees matters of the counterintelligence and internal security of Ghana. The BNI has investigative jurisdiction to arrest or detain and interrogate over a wide range of criminal offenses. They now have a building to execute their work out.

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