A South African woman who has given birth to twins already, 6 years ago, gives birth again to twins, but now to 10 different beautiful bouncing babies.

Gosiame Thamara Sithole’s dumbfounded husband says they were very surprise by the decuplets (10 babies) after scans proved that there were eight babies secured safely in her womb.

Ms. Sithole gave birth to seven boys and three girls. She is very excited about the safe delivery of her decuplets. An anonymous family member officially confirmed the births – Ms. Sithole had had 10 babies – five via natural birth and the other five via caesarean section.

This has already been recorded in the Guinness World Records as it stands, she is the only one worldwide who has given birth to decuplets. Last month, a 25-year-old Halima Cisse from Mali gave birth to nine babies as well, who is reportedly doing  very well at a clinic in Morocco.

Ms. Sithole had fervent prayers and went through sleepers night during pregnancies. The 37-year-old-woman previously gave birth to her twins 6 years ago.

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