The President commences the planting of 5 million trees today. As we all know, trees are very essential resources which are of great benefits to us. The surprising thing is that trees are a source of oxygen for human beings and animals which clearly indicates that without trees, human and animal life will not be in existence.

However, the government of Ghana will today, Friday, June 11, 2021, commence with an ambitious exercise to plant five million trees as part of efforts to preserve the natural environment.

The President planting his part of the mission.

The initiative is being advocated by the Forestry Commission and the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources.
Through media publications and public broadcasts, the masses have been urged to fully and actively partake in this initiative by getting free seeds supplied by the government through local Forestry Commission district offices or district assemblies for planting.
Parliament has suspended sitting for this important exercise.

The House took a decision that the sitting be suspended to enable Members of Parliament go to their respective constituencies to participate in the tree planting exercise.
President Akufo-Addo will also be expected to plant a tree today which has been declared as ‘Green Ghana Day.’
The Minister for Lands and Natural Resources, Samuel Abu Jinapor, while launching the initiative earlier this week, indicated that the exercise is an investment into the future.
“As part of the programme, we are seeking to work out a formula where the trees to be planted will be economic trees. We are talking about the Timber, Wawa, Nim, Rosewood, Shea trees.

The President is fixing.

The rationale for this intervention is so that in planting the trees, we are also making an investment for the future,” he said.
President Akufo-Addo in a video to encourage Ghanaians to support the initiative earlier this month, said, “we cannot sit back and watch as our trees, flora and fauna wiped out”.
“Our very existence is tied directly to the survival of trees”, he said, adding that, “Without the oxygen that is produced by trees, we cannot survive as humans.”

“So, on Friday, 11 June, the tree-planting exercise will ensure that we are not only sowing seeds for one day, but also for generations to come…I urge all Ghanaians to join this clarion call and help preserve our environment.”
Trees are part of human and animal existence, and as loyal citizens, lets all make sure that we partake in this exercise so as to preserve our forests and rich vegetation.

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