The novel Coronavirus has taken a toll on us and has made us adjust to the new normal. A university student poured out her heart through an interview about the involvement of management taking responsibility of data use for online classes for students.

Most universities in the country have resumed and are in full gear now as it stands, face-to- face learning and lecturing going on as expected from both students and management. But the pandemic (coronavirus) is still not gone but still hanging around. As we both perfectly know, lectures will definitely be moved online soon.

A university student.

Today, in an interview I had with a university student, she lamented on the cost of data she spends and she is of the view that management of universities should come to the aid of students for getting data for their online classes. She raised this concerns for two reasons.

First, for the universities taking the full school fees from most students, although some few students haven’t paid theirs. Then secondly, as we are all in hard times thanks to this coronavirus disease, we don’t get enough money to buy data. She strongly feels that, as the money (full school fees) has been taken, as least students should be compensated a bit.

Management of universities to help with data for online classes.

She also expressed her take on the use of electrical gadgets in this online classes. She believes that, so long as you are in a university, there are somethings you must get them at all cost; like a smartphone, a laptop and other vital things which will help you in school most especially in these times of coronavirus.

Then lastly, she stressed on the behavioral attitude of students when it comes to online classes, others complain about the use of data and not having smartphones, she said, “ I believe in as much as I said management should help with the data, students should also try their possible best to make use of the online classes, and if not, they skip classes at their own peril.”

Students skip online classes at their own peril.

What do you also think, do you also think she is making a pivotal point here, well, you can also share your views with us by commenting below.

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