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Social media is social media and will always be one so long as this world is concerned and the people in it keep improving and bringing out new things. Some netizens (an adamant user of the internet) are making waves on social media about the new appearance of the famous actress, well known in the famous and hilarious “Boys Kasa” featuring Kalybos, funny comedy skit series.

The evergreen Ahoufe Patri.

Priscilla Opoku Kwarteng, popularly known as, Ahoufe Patri is a Ghanaian famous actress and a brand ambassador has recently be smoking and the rate at which she is smoking is nothing good to write home about, which has eventually disrupted her natural beauty given by God.

The now Priscilla Opoku Kwarteng.

The serious reaction and comments from netizens on the internet from her recent photos oh her personal social media page is very much alarming. Zealous users of the internet (netizens) lament her dreamy dark eyes and dull as well has change this once beautiful young lady into something else.

Reactions from Netizens.

Comments from twitter concluded that, the actress might have been smoking which has resulted into this. According to one user on twitter, @1innocentbitch1 says, “Ahoufe Patri is great, she will look a lil bit better and prettier if she quits regular smoking.”


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