One of African’s youngest supper star from Mark Angel Comedy, Emmanuella, has been featured in a Hollywood movie that’s trending and making waves on Amazon Prime Video, DVD on sale across the United States and also trending on YouTube via Movie Central.

Emmanuella is a young Nigerian YouTube comedian who started her career at age 5. Emmanuella was born on July 22, 2010, in Port Harcourt and is currently 10 years old. The young comedian rose to fame in Mark Angel’s comedy video titled, “This is not my real face Oh!.”

Emmanuella with stars from the movie.

When she was featured in the first Mark Angel Comedy and rose to fame, she didn’t end there. She worked her back off staring in a lot of the Mark Angel Comedy series which ended her to sky rocket to the top, where she is now.

She really took the comedy landscape and earned a lot of money, which she even bought a brand new house for her mother to stay in .

As they say, “ a little drop of water, makes a mighty ocean,” she has indeed rose to the pinnacle of her career and still building It up. The talented young star posted on her Facebook page the entails about the movie;

The movie, “ Survive or Die.”

“Released!!! My first appearance in a Hollywood Movie titled Survive or Die. Now streaming on Amazon Prime Video, DVD on sale across the United States, and also on YouTube Via Movie Central. Goto YouTube now and Search for Survive or Die 🔥 Producer : Daniel okoduwa.”

The movie is definitely one of a kind, and I believe you agree with me, considering who Emmanuella is and what she can do. The title of the Hollywood movie is “Survive or Die.” This movie was produced by Daniel Okoduwa, a Sydney based African – Australian film director, producer and screenwriter.

African’s talented young star.

Africa, we are great and we will surely get there through our impacted indigenes. I strongly believe you are very happy for Emmanuella as much as I am. Say something good to her through the comment section below

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