Have you ever thought of Ghana securing a good position on the top spot when it comes to peace?
I know you will never expect that, but guess what? Ghana has been ranked the second most peaceful country on the African continent which seems to be good news to the citizens of the country. I was taken aback when I saw this, and I am sure you are too, but we (Ghana) are getting there.

Peace involves a high level of order, unity and togetherness held in high esteem by the inhabitants of a particular society. Apart from education, peace is the backbone of every successful country politically, socially, religiously and economically.

Ghana, the second peaceful country in Africa.

Peace is an effective machinery which contributes to sustainable development of a country. Atrocities and civil wars take place in the administration of a country due to the quest for power, liberation and freedom. We can talk about Uganda, Liberia and other countries which have been victims of these indespicable occurrences which abound with some negative effects which include; displacement of people, destruction of lives and properties, retardation of progress and others.

We will get better.

With these events happening, we get to know that without peace a country will fail in its advancement in all fields of administration.
Placing the second most peaceful country in Africa indicates that Ghana is indeed working harder and harder in sustaining a level of tolerance, unity, and orderliness in all aspects of national life even though there are some setbacks the Government of the country is doing everything to resolve.

Ghana attaining this commendable position on the African front does not imply that we as citizens should stay idle because of this achievement rather we have to strive forward and give the Government the needed support in maintaining the peaceful state of this glorious country and even achieving more.

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