Retired Peter Lanchene Toobu is the Member of Parliament for the Wa west constituency and he has indicated that Ghana is moving towards a dangerous path following the upsurge of criminal activities in the country including the robbery attack on a buSuperintendentllion van and killing of a police constable in charge of the van, Emmanuel Osei at James town in Accra on 14th June, 2021.

An innocent hawker was also killed in the process and in his submission,he pointed out that these acts of violence have sparked up fear in the hearts of Ghanaians, exposing them to insecurity. He expressed total disregard for these criminal acts and suggested that this issue should be an issue of great concern. He also called on the Inspector-General of Police to adopt serious mechanisms in order to reduce the crime rate of this country and preserve the peaceful state of this notable entity.

These horrendous recent happenings are great threats to the lives of Ghanaians and a quick measure has to be taken in order to eradicate crimes and bring these perpetrators to book. As it stands now, every one is insecured because money is what these robbers need and when you have it, they do everything to take it away from you including cutting your life short.

This is a good call from Mr. Lanchene Toobu and the security agencies of the country must do their best to ensure that these criminal activities are mitigated in order to secure the lives of Ghanaians and totally wipe out the growing fear in their hearts.

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