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David Nana Appiah popularly known as Farman is an aspirant for the Students’ Representative Council Presidential position at the Ghana Institute of Journalism (GIJ). Showing the virtue of humility and selflessness, the Presidential aspirant has donated praying mats and several buutas to the Islamic community in the university.

Aspirant with his team.

He gave out this donation on Wednesday, June 23, 2021 together with some members of his campaign team. Speaking to, Farman pointed out that, his reason for providing these praying materials to our Muslim brothers and sisters on campus is to assist them in the act of prayer.

Aspirant presenting assorted items.

The aspirant also indicated that, these materials will help sustain a good spiritual foundation in the lives of religious Muslims on campus and he used this platform to appeal to the people to vote for him in the upcoming SRC Presidential elections.

He is an epitome of capable leadership and voting him in as SRC President will help the students’ body a lot because a new era of human advancement is going to take total control over Students’ lives and he is never going to disappoint you.

The Muslim community on campus however expressed their gratitude and appreciation to Farman for his provision and wished him well in his campaign and the forthcoming SRC Presidential elections.


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